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Prosperous Basket of Joy and Health (S) | Mid Autumn

Prosperous Basket of Joy and Health (S) | Mid Autumn

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival | 中秋节快乐 🎑 ✨🐰🐰🐰

🐰Do you feel tired eating mooncakes after mooncakes? Is your house full of so much mooncakes that its taking up your space? This year we think you might love what we have in store for you!

🐰Why not try our healthier version! Our Mid Autumn Fruit Box are sure to add some refreshing feel to your tastebuds

🐰With the Pomelo Fruit being the star of this Fruit Box, it's not only sweet and refreshing but it symbolises a fruit that will bring LUCK!

🐰 Pomelo and Dragonfruit is the Moon Goddess’ favourite fruit. In Mandarin, pomelos are called “you zi”, a homophone for words that mean “prayer for a son.” Therefore, it is believed that eating pomelos and putting their rinds on the head signifies a prayer for the youth in the family as the moon goddess Chang’e will see them and respond to their prayers when she looks down from the moon.


It is believed that eating pomelos by cutting it in a certain manner called “sha you” (killing the pomelo) and peeling the skin is known to ward off negative energy and keep the evil spirits away.



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