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In Love With Flowers

Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur --Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Florism De Art is a fully inclusive service florist outlet providing fresh-cut flowers, bouquets and unique floral arrangements. The florist outlet has been running for more than 10 years, taking pride in excellent customer service and creative floristry. 

Not only do we use flowers to beautify your surroundings, its fragrance is an everlasting memory etched into your mind. When it comes to delivering a special message, flowers are able to properly express the unspoken words, connecting the hearts of the giver and receiver. 

Flowers are also used to celebrate wonderful occasions, such as grand openings, graduations and any sort of heartfelt greeting. Our designs are inspired by art, nature and fashion, sometimes with a little bit of spice. However, if you're looking for classic arrangements, we got you covered too!


You'll never look anywhere else after shopping with FDA.



  • Product Launching

    Entrust us with the launch decoration of your product when introducing them to the market for the first time.

    Product Launching 
  • Wedding, Private Events & Workplace Decor

    Prepare custom gifts and present your guests with breathtaking table settings.

  • Designer Floral Art

    Decorate your lounge with floral art pieces created by our artisan florists.

Consult us for personalised designs

Call us at 0321423855 or Whatsapp: 0102413855 for further inquiries.