A Step by Step Guide to Checkout

Daughter giving a bouquet of flowers to her mother.

Sending Beautiful Memories, One Flower at a Time

Wrecking your brain about sending beautiful flowers to someone? Maybe you want to surprise your loved one with radiant roses or make an ordinary day extraordinary with tantalizing tulips. Perhaps it's the cheerful sunflowers that you know would brighten their day. Whatever your floral fancy, you're in the right place to make those memories come alive.

Navigating through the sea of choices can be daunting. But we've streamlined our checkout process to ensure that selecting and sending your perfect bouquet is as smooth as a petal's surface. From the first click to the final payment, we’ve made sure every step is clear, quick, and easy.

Beyond the vast array of blossoms we offer, we understand the essence of convenience in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why our checkout supports multiple payment methods. Whether you're comfortable with PayPal, prefer using a credit/debit card, or your e-wallet is your go-to — we have it all covered. And for those who enjoy local banking advantages, our FPX option is ready and waiting.

Shipping isn't just an afterthought for us; it's a vital part of ensuring your flowers reach their destination fresh and full of life. Every bouquet is handled with care, ensuring the memories you're trying to create remain as vivid and beautiful as the flowers themselves.


You can follow the link here for a visual step by step guide to checkout:



So, are you ready to send a piece of your heart and make lasting memories? Dive in, select the flowers that speak to you, and let us handle the rest. Together, we'll make sure that every bouquet sent is more than just flowers—it’s a story, a sentiment, and a smile.

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    Entrust us with the launch decoration of your product when introducing them to the market for the first time.

    Product Launching 
  • Wedding, Private Events & Workplace Decor

    Prepare custom gifts and present your guests with breathtaking table settings.

  • Designer Floral Art

    Decorate your lounge with floral art pieces created by our artisan florists.

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