Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update - [ last update 14 Jul 2021 ]

Our retail is closed during EMCO. As a community, we are standing together as a county to fight this COVID19 pandemic. Contactless Pick Up or Online delivery is available. Our online system allow you to select futures dates. Just need to take into consideration, the fulfilling from our side must comply with local authority.

Please ensure that you are not in red zone so we can delivery your order. Please contact us if you have any question on delivery during this period to avoid any disappointment.


Availability & Replacement

As you might have seen on the news, COVID-19 has made a major impact on flower growers and farms nationwide & worldwide. Most flower farms are destroying their flowers & plants.

In result of this, we are having limited availability flowers and plants during the MCO, some flowers in your order (whichever applicable) may be automatically replaced for another of similar aesthetic value. Rest assured, our floral designer will ensure minimal impact on the design & arrangement. We appreciate your kind understanding and support.

  • Product Launching

    Entrust us with the launch decoration of your product when introducing them to the market for the first time.

    Product Launching 
  • Wedding, Private Events & Workplace Decor

    Prepare custom gifts and present your guests with breathtaking table settings.

  • Designer Floral Art

    Decorate your lounge with floral art pieces created by our artisan florists.

Consult us for personalised designs

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