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Extravagant Premium Fruit Tray | Fruit Basket

Extravagant Premium Fruit Tray | Fruit Basket

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This luxury arrangement is utterly enchanting. The all time favorite Red Roses Spray are unquestionably the stars of this bouquet with their delicately ruffled inner petals and delightfully fragrant scent. Pale hues of blue eryngium and tow tone schefflera leave, thlaspi green bell and green complement each other perfectly, with special delicate custom made wooden tray and place with selected imported grapes fruits completing the arrangement flawlessly.

Arrangement includes:

Fresh Signature Red roses spray, eryngium, thlaspi green bell and garden Schefflera leaves
Selected import grape (2or3 difference colors as seasonal items)

Florism De Art custom made wooden tray

Size tray 300 mm (W) X 160mm (D) X 500mm (H)


Some flowers & distinct items will vary from pictures depending on seasonal availability.

Florism De Art reserve the right to substitute certain materials to ensure timely delivery while maintaining the quality and aesthetics of the final product.

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