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Ruby Rose Box | Flower Box

Ruby Rose Box | Flower Box

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Florism De Art Pavilion presents Flower Box Series

A more modern and sleek approach, the flower box series features an assortment of flowers and a sophisticated looking box. Why stick to plain ol' baskets when you can think out of the "box"?

*Colour of boxes subjected to availability*

Ruby Rose is a floral arrangement you can never get bored of. A box of red roses can be used for varying occasions, but we like to leave this one for that special "pick-me-up" person you have in your life. They truly "rose" up to the occasion during your hard times!

Flowers: Roses, Eucalyptus Leaves


Some flowers & distinct items will vary from pictures depending on seasonal availability.

Florism De Art reserve the right to substitute certain materials to ensure timely delivery while maintaining the quality and aesthetics of the final product.

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