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Discover our blend of landscaping and artistry. Beyond mere greenery, we transform spaces with purposeful plant arrangements. Dive into a world where plants don't just fill, they define. 

Join our journey in sculpting nature's masterpieces. 

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Dive deep into our roots and you'll find partners enriched with over a decade of expertise in landscaping and plant artistry. Our passion has taken us to over five countries, mastering the art of plant installations. 

Drawing inspiration from both vintage charm and modern elegance, our works have prominently graced the urban landscapes of Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. Luxury brands, high-end malls, and corporates have adorned their spaces with our signature touch. Welcome to our world of botanical brilliance.


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Roof Terraces: Sky-High Green Oases

A roof terrace is an outdoor space located on the roof of a building. It’s typically designed for relaxation, entertainment, or gardening. Roof terraces can vary in size and style, but they often feature seating, plants and sometimes even amenities like grills or small gardens. Incorporating plants and landscaping into roof terraces transforms them from mere extensions of a building to vibrant, living ecosystems. They offer a place to retreat, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature, right at the heart of urban sprawl.

In the bustling heart of cities, roof terraces stand as an oasis of calm and beauty. They're more than just an extended outdoor space; they're a bridge between the concrete jungle and nature Firstly, they enhance aesthetics, creating a lush and inviting atmosphere. They help insulate buildings, reducing energy consumption. Lastly, green plants can provide urban dwellers with a soothing, natural escape, promoting mental well-being.

Garden Restoration & Maintenance: Breathing Life Back

Garden restoration is the process of revitalizing and rejuvenating an existing garden or outdoor space. It involves refurbishing, replanting, and often redesigning the area to restore it to its original or intended beauty.  uch like any living entity, undergo wear and tear over time. Whether it's due to changing seasons, extreme weather conditions, or simple neglect, gardens can lose their vibrancyGarden restoration may also include repairing structures, pathways, and water features, with the goal of preserving the historical or aesthetic value of the garden.

Green plants help to contribute to the garden's ecosystem by providing habitat and food for wildlife, fostering biodiversity. Every garden, whether newly designed or aged with grace, deserves meticulous care. Our garden restoration and maintenance services ensure that your green spaces remain as stunning and vibrant as the day they were first planted. After all, gardens are not just plots of land; they're slices of nature we're fortunate to call our own.

Home Gardens: A Breath of Fresh Air

A home garden is a small indoor or outdoor space near or around a house where people cultivate plants, flowers and sometimes even vegetables for aesthetic, recreational or culinary purposes. Home gardens provide a connection to nature and can be a source of joy and relaxation for homeowners.

Green plants in a home garden are essential for their beauty, tranquility and practical benefits. 

They enhance the garden's appearance, create a serene atmosphere and improve air quality. Additionally, they attract helpful wildlife, aiding in pest control and pollination, promoting a 

thriving garden. Create a haven, a personal retreat, with our specialized home garden solutions.

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Indoor Centerpiece @ TRX KL

In the heart of every memorable indoor setting lies a centerpiece, a focal point that captures attention and sets the tone. When nature is woven into these centerpieces, rooms are transformed from mere spaces to vibrant canvases alive with emotion and elegance.

Green plants bring a touch of nature and freshness to the setting, creating a soothing atmosphere. Their vibrant foliage adds color and texture, enhancing the overall aesthetics. Green plants also symbolize growth and life, conveying positive energy. Elevate your indoor spaces with our meticulously crafted centerpieces. They're more than just décor; they're a merger of art and nature, capturing the essence of life in all its splendor.

Inspiring The World

Office Roof Terrace: French Concession Shanghai (before)

In every leaf and petal, we see a world brimming with stories and inspiration. Our craft isn't just about arranging plants; it's about capturing the essence of life and sharing it. Through our unique landscapes and designs, we aspire to inspire, taking every onlooker on a journey through nature's most intricate tales and moments. Every arrangement is a canvas, and every plant, a stroke of genius, encouraging all to discover, marvel, and cherish the wonders of our natural world.

Our Mission & Vision

Florism's vision is to be global leaders in landscape design and plant artistry, always pushing the boundaries of creativity. By infusing both traditional and innovative techniques from our global journeys, we aim to set new industry standards, ensuring every project we undertake not only beautifies a space but also tells a story, connects individuals, and fosters a deeper appreciation for our environment

We want to create beautiful spaces with plants and art. Our goal is to make quality designs that everyone can enjoy and afford. We believe in bringing people together in nature-filled spots where good times are shared. Everyone deserves a touch of nature's beauty in their life.

Office Roof Terrace: French Concession Shanghai (aftee


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