Most Popular Flowers for Valentine's Day 🌹

Most Popular Flowers for Valentine's Day 🌹

FEBRUARY - The Month of Love and Romance ❤️

Valentine's Day celebrations are incomplete without flowers. There are so many type of flowers it can be difficult to decide which to choose. So, we have created a list of romantic flowers for you.

- Roses have their special aroma, which has a symbolism of beauty, passion and love. There are over 150 different varieties of roses and different colour of roses available for Valentine's Day, so you can probably find one that is just right for your loved one.


- It has over 150 different species with over 3,000 different varieties. Similar to the red roses, tulips generally has a meaning of perfection and deep love. However some colour represent a different meaning.

💜 Royalty.
💖 Happiness, confidence and positivity.
🤍 Peaceful and forgiveness.
💛 Hope and cheerful thoughts.



- Available in orange and white colour. If you are looking for some elegant flower, pink stargazer lily is the best choice for the Valentine's Day. Pink lilies symbolize prosperity and abundance. 


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